AMP: From smoking gun to open sewer

(1) CEO Franco de Ferrari stated on numerous occasions he had read the report compiled by the independent investigator – Andrew Burns QC – hired to assess the allegations of sexual harassment by Ms Szlakowski against her boss, Boe Pahari;

(2) he stated that “many” (not one, not two, not a few – “many”) of the allegations she made were untrue;

(3) Ms Szlakowski asserted that AMP was constantly diminishing and belittling the severity of what she had endured, in order to cover-up their hypocrisy in appointing Pahari, in the face of a “zero tolerance” approach to sexual harassment;

(4) AMP has now released the investigator’s final report. Guess how many of the “many” allegations Ms Szlakowski made the investigator in his report found to be untrue?


Franco de Ferrari either didn’t read the report, or he read it and purposefully misrepresented the contents. 

Put simply: he lied.

He is unfit to run a bath, much less a firm upon which hundreds of thousands of consumers rely to ensure that when they retire, they aren’t left eating dog food. And as long as he squats in the CEO’s office, every woman in AMP is at risk. 

“In an internal email in mid-August, AMP chief executive Francesco De Ferrari had told all staff that “many of the claims were not substantiated by the external investigation” after Ms Szlakowski called on the company to come clean over the matter after it made “persistent and misleading” attempts to play down Mr Pahari’s alleged behaviour.

“The London barrister hired by AMP to investigate a female employee’s sexual harassment complaint against senior executive Boe Pahari found all her main allegations credible